My first test with a self-made pinhole lens with my DSLR










As my friend Eva L Forsberg tagged me on facebook, introduced me the way of turning a digital SLR into a pinhole camera (and invited me to see her first pinhole-photography exhibition, wow!) It is such a tempting invitation for I always admire the unique artist effects made by pinhole or lomo photography which cannot be getting with a normal “decent” lens and digital camera.

Therefore I tried to make a pinhole camera “lens” last Saturday early morning and tested shooting with it right away in the afternoon, it was really fun, and cost nearly no money at all!

As first I shot with a tripod, which in a way restricted the flexibility of composition, therefore I boost up the ISO of my canon 5D mark II to 3200 or 6400, tried shooting handheld, tested with different exposure times. The results are quite interesting, and the shooting process is absolutely fun and exciting!

Of course the images are rather soft and noisy or even blurry, yet they yield a certain kind of dreamy effect. I played a little bit effects like adding vignetting corners or changing the saturation of the color a bit with photoshop, resulting the more vintage and lomo like effects.

5 thoughts on “My first test with a self-made pinhole lens with my DSLR

  1. Johann Chung says:

    Wow, the colors are strange but with an antique, maybe lomo feel, looks nice. How did you make the lens actually :)

    • Agnes Leung says:

      Thanks for your compliment! You can follow the links provided in the post, it’s really easy and fun to make the lens, all you need is simply a drill, tin paper (I can give you some, I got plenty of them!) sand paper and a camera cover (you surely have it)

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