Art Teaching

As a qualified Visual Arts teacher with solid experience and training, I am passionate in sharing my knowledge and skills with my students through the process of creating art. I aim to inspire them to express their feelings and ideas in visual languages and to introduce them different ways of appreciating art. I have a wealth of experience in both traditional and digital media, such as drawing, painting (watercolour, oil and acrylic).

“ART encourages children to think, developing skills and confidence as they go…”

“Butterfly Wings” by Mifumi, age 3.
“Angel”, by Soyo, age 5. This work has won the award for the Apron Design Competition organised by Gowld Art Centre.

“LOVE to see how children creating Art, full of passion, happiness and creativity!

Some of the works of my students. I am always impressed by their wonderful works!

I have been collaborating with Gowld Art Centre, offering visiting Art classes for young children for over a year. I really enjoy working with them because the lesson plans they provided are very well organised, interesting and versatile. With tailor-made lessons, students are encouraged to be bold and confident to explore different areas of Art, gradually developing an all rounded yet unique Art style of their own, which is so helpful in unlocking their creativity and imagination!

Interested to have Art class with me?

I take students in an one-on-one or small group basis, from toddlers to adults. Besides, I also organise Visual Arts, Photography and Design courses / workshops with some learning institutes, such as the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, and some primary and secondary schools.

I can confidently communicate in fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin!

Please send me an email ( or leave me a message in the contact area for enquiry. Thank you.


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