Lai Chi Kok Park Nov 2010









I think I am kinda obsessed with light and bokeh, and shallow depth of field. I am more and more in love with my 5D mark II, together with all my large aperture prime lenses.

Lai Chi Kok Park, situated near a residential area in Mei Foo, Hong Kong, is my most frequently visited park simply because I live near it. It is quite a big park with a remarkable Chinese style garden and many native trees and flowers. It is also a hot spot for kindergartens to organize visits and picnics there.


Canon 5D mark II, 200mm f2.8L.

6 thoughts on “Lai Chi Kok Park Nov 2010

  1. Gary Lo says:

    Hi Agnes, Thanks for the pictures. I left HK in 1974 and stayed in Canada. My family is planning to go back to HK and see where I used to live(Causeway Bay). I have put down Mai Po and now I am planning to visit this park too.

  2. CHUNG Pascal says:

    Dear Leung, I’ve looking your fotos for several time, I really like its, they are beautiful your fotos, especially a one that I like is a child has landing on father’s shoulder and he looked to your side. I’ve just bought the same lens 200mm F2.8 L II USM for two weeks ago, I’m living in Belgium, i am cantonese too, if you don’t mind I leave my mail address to you Regards, Pascal

  3. Alvin Atalig says:

    Wow! You captured the candid nature of your surroundings and the essence of serenity. Your pix have really helped me narrow my search.

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