GAC Studio visit

I have been collaborated with Gowld Art Centre (GAC) for over a year, the founder Kaisha Woo (now become my good friend =) and other teammates are amazing Art teachers and Artists who really have passion in Art Education. These photos are taken on their newly opened Art Studio in Tai Koo, during and after my Visual Journal workshop held at the studio. 

I really love the vibe of the studio! It is very bright, spacious, airy, well layout and fully equipped with various drawing and painting tools, they even provide musical instruments and books to enrich students’ creative process. It is a very colourful place, all students are encouraged to create in a very relaxed yet well organised setting.

It is a very challenging time, especially the past few months, for the creative industry to survive in the midst of the pandemic, but you did it Kaisha! I am really proud of you!

I believe and hope that the centre, with such a meaningful vision, “be enlightened through Art”, will win the hearts all Art lovers and continue to bloom and nurture many souls, young or mature, with their wonderful all-rounded lessons and programmes.

Photos taken with a Canon RP, with a 40mm 2.8 STM lens, edited with Photoshop CC.


This is a really FUN & INTERESTING workshop to help you develop a life long habit of making visual journal, and be INSPIRED & CREATIVE EVERYDAY!

I am thrilled to collaborate with the newly opened Art studio – Gowld Art Centre to organize this workshop!


1. Contents

This course will cover the following topics:

  • What is Visual Journal? Why is it the foundation of all kinds of Art creations? What are the benefits of making & doing it? 
  • Understanding your creative style
  • Types and examples of Visual journals
  • Materials & tools needed
  • We will go through the 2 most common methods of creating visual journals together:
    • A. Sketching & Painting: both indoor & outdoor; from still objects (e.g. food, plants & flowers) to urban scenes and landscapes;
    • B. Collage & scrapbook making: e.g. travel journalling: using photos, magazine prints, colour paper, rubber stamps, stickers & colour tapes to create visually appealing contents

2. Date & Place

Dates: from 23 May 2020, 6 weeks.

Workshop location:

Room 1101, 11/F Eastern Centre, 1065 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

3. Enrolment & Enquiry

You may leave a comment below or send me an email:

agneslth @

“May I explore the world…?”

My illustrations for the newly published children’s book, “May I go and explore?”

繪本 - 我去看看,好嗎?

As a little kid living in the country side, I was very blessed to have parents giving me the freedom and opportunities to explore the beauty of nature, to be adventurous. I always believe that parents should encourage their children to get their hands and feet dirty with sand and mud, letting nature be their playground.

The story is about his journey of overcoming fear and anxiety, to explore the world around him, with the love and support from his parents.

All illustrations created with Photoshop CC, Sketchbook (Mac version) and Procreate (with an iPad Pro 2018).

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圖/梁翠霞 (Agnes Leung)

My Published Books


My original Children’s book “If…” received the “Award for Hong Kong Creative Writing (Children’s Book category)” and was published by Methodist Book Room at 2013.

原創兒童繪本《假如我是⋯⋯》獲香港中文文學創作獎,並於2013由循道衛理書室出版。 1 4 7 12 26 27


As the illustrator of the Children’s book “May I explore the world…?” Written by Shirley Loo, published by EVI Publishing Limited.

替兒童繪本《我去看看,好嗎?》繪畫插圖。故事:羅乃萱 / 插圖:梁翠霞 / 愉快學習出版社出版。

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圖/梁翠霞 (Agnes Leung)