2 thoughts on “Birds Nov 2010

  1. Mustaffa says:

    Dear Agnes,

    I love your bird pictures, especially the 2 seagulls about to land. Superb and oh so sharp! Please have a look at my photography at http://mustaffaazizphotography.wordpress.com

    I’ve sold the 17-40L, and probably get the 16-35L or maybe the 35L. Can’t seem to make my mind up. Love the bokeh of the latter, but would miss the superwide side of the zoom!



    • Agnes Leung says:

      Hi Mustaffa,

      I also got the 17-40L, and I have used this lens heavily when I was using 400D. I love the built and the weight of this lens very much. I still use it a lot for the wide-angle shots, and f4 for a wide-angle lens is quite okay. 16-35L is definite a good lens but quite heavy and f2.8 is not really fast enough for great bokeh and DOF.

      35L is really a GREAT lens, the handling is in fact quite similar to 17-40L, just a bit heavier, yet the range is perfect for snap shots, landscape, half-body portrait, etc…and you can really shoot at wide open, this is where this lens shines! If your shooting style is more on 35mm side and less on the 16mm side, then I strongly remmend you to go for the 35L! May be get a 14mm prime later on? :)

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