Be the LIGHT

Be the light.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matt 5:14

Photo details:

Where: Perth, Scotland, UK.

When: August, 2015.

Gear: Canon 35mm f1.4L I + Canon 5D Mark II

Edit: Painted with Procreate (iPad version) + Snapseed + Photoshop CS6.

London impression (3)

London Impression
London impression
London Impression
London impression
London Impression
London impression
London impression
London impression
London Impression

Just back from my trip to the UK for a few days, which is actually a very long vacation (from 4th July to 9th August, over a month, driving in the UK from London to the most Northern part of Scotland highland…) while still struggling seriously for jet lag, and having a very busy week: unpacking our luggage, rescued a few dying plants, visiting my parents and of course finished tons of housework such as cooking at least 2 meals a day for our family of four who are still on vaction…

I have spent over half a month in London, visiting a few museums and have been to many different districts of the city. I think London is a very lovely and classy city, just to avoid the really crowdly and touristy areas. Most people are very decent and friendly, and I love the back streets near Russell Square and the area around Kensington and Chelsea most.

I have picked several photos of London I took during the trip, I didn’t edit them at all, just added the “instant” filter from my iPad, which I think can add a little bit of vintage and classy feeling to the photos.

My boy, When he was 13…


Some of the most precious memories of my son when he was 13 years old and I was still using my canon 400D…

taken in Nam San Wai, Hong Kong, Summer, 2000.



拿着那部小巧的相機Canon A550,我們送給你的禮物,你崩崩跳跳的邊行邊拍照,甚麼都可以成為拍攝的對象,儘管照片成像不盡清,卻見你的創意和喜愛攝影的心在漸漸發芽滋長。