Lunar New year Stickers 2021

Just finished designing two stickers for signal or WhatsApp.
The words in Chinese means:

“常存喜樂 means: May you always be filled with joy and happiness

主愛常偕 means: may God’s love be with you, always…”

Tomorrow is the year of the Ox, I wish all of you have a blessed abs fruitful new year full of love ❤️

“May I explore the world…?”

My illustrations for the newly published children’s book, “May I go and explore?”

繪本 - 我去看看,好嗎?

As a little kid living in the country side, I was very blessed to have parents giving me the freedom and opportunities to explore the beauty of nature, to be adventurous. I always believe that parents should encourage their children to get their hands and feet dirty with sand and mud, letting nature be their playground.

The story is about his journey of overcoming fear and anxiety, to explore the world around him, with the love and support from his parents.

All illustrations created with Photoshop CC, Sketchbook (Mac version) and Procreate (with an iPad Pro 2018).

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圖/梁翠霞 (Agnes Leung)