God overruled human brokenness to accomplish His will

Reflections of this week’s BSF study:

Isaac’s family story, about how Isaac wanted to give Esau the blessings of the firstborn out of favouritism despite the fact that he knew of God’s prophecy regarding His choice of Jacob, not Esau. Rebekah, on the other hand, plotted with her son Jacob to deceive Isaac for the blessings, is also filled with deception, scheming and brokenness, yet this dysfunctional family is at the center of God’s plan to save the world. Even people intend for evil, or with a deceptive mind, God can use for good. God chooses and uses flawed people in His perfect plan.



有關經文記載了利以撒(Isaac)只憑己意,要把長子的祝福賜予以掃,完全漠視了神已經啟示了祂要揀選雅各的心意;另一邊箱,利百加(Rebekah)與兒子雅各(Jacob) 密謀欺騙以撒以獲得長子的祝福,當中也充滿了詭詐及私心。 即使人們往往以不義甚至邪惡的心去策劃充滿私心的行動,但上帝仍可以使醜惡的動機與行為變為美善的事。(耶穌基督道成肉身,沿自以撒的後裔)