A vintage bus

A vintage bus on road, near Kings' Cross, London, UK

It is really like traveling back in time when I spotted this vintage bus on the road, which is actually helping to ease the sudden increase of demand for bus services due to the tube strike.

Where: near King’s Cross Train Station, London, UK.
When: 9th July 2015.

A new page for 2015

Today is a special day to most people as it is the very first day of the year 2015, yet to me it is extra special, because God answered my prayer today!

As I was having my photography and illustration exhibition last summer in JCCAC Hong Hong, I received many compliments and encouragements from my friends regarding my work, I prayed to God that He will further use my gifts to serve Him so that His name will be glorified through me.

In December 2014, the Managing Editor of the Golden Lampstand Publishing Society (HK) Ltd contacted me and after our meeting she decided to invite me to supply my images (both photography and illustration) to be published monthly side by side with their written contents, serving as an a visual description of the relevant passages. To me it is a great honour to work with such a well established Publisher, though it is not an easy task for I need to supply about 8-9 images accordingly each month, some passages are quite abstract…yet I trust that God will provide me strength and wisdom to complete my task!

Happy New Year my dear readers, wish you all have an amazing and fruitful year 2015!