My terrariums

As early as in the 18th century, an Englishman Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward accidentally discovered that in an enclosed glass bottle, where moisture can be retained forming a natural ecological environment, plants can survive without watering for over 2 years. Since then, many indoor garden enthusiasts started to explore different ways of making terrariums.

Due to the fact that terrariums require less time to take care of than other planting methods, it is becoming more popular especially to busy city dwellers in recent years. I fell in love with terrariums since I made my very first one two years ago. With a little imagination and creativity, you can build your own mini eco-world in any glass container. Without leaving home, you can let your imagination run wild in your own created wonderland. Why not join me and try making one for yourself?




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GAC Studio visit

I have been collaborated with Gowld Art Centre (GAC) for over a year, the founder Kaisha Woo (now become my good friend =) and other teammates are amazing Art teachers and Artists who really have passion in Art Education. These photos are taken on their newly opened Art Studio in Tai Koo, during and after my Visual Journal workshop held at the studio. 

I really love the vibe of the studio! It is very bright, spacious, airy, well layout and fully equipped with various drawing and painting tools, they even provide musical instruments and books to enrich students’ creative process. It is a very colourful place, all students are encouraged to create in a very relaxed yet well organised setting.

It is a very challenging time, especially the past few months, for the creative industry to survive in the midst of the pandemic, but you did it Kaisha! I am really proud of you!

I believe and hope that the centre, with such a meaningful vision, “be enlightened through Art”, will win the hearts all Art lovers and continue to bloom and nurture many souls, young or mature, with their wonderful all-rounded lessons and programmes.

Photos taken with a Canon RP, with a 40mm 2.8 STM lens, edited with Photoshop CC.