Macro fun with an olloclip on an iPhone

Interested in macro photography yet do not want to invest a lot on a macro lens? Or do not want to burden yourself with the weight of a macro lens? Starting from using an attachable tiny lens to your cell phone can be a pretty good start! Once you have entered the world of macro photography, you will be amazed of how much fun macro photography can be and you will be surprised by how dramatically your way of seeing things will change!

Taken with an iPhone 4s + Olloclip macro lens



拍攝資料:iPhone 4s + olloclip 微距鏡頭

The little tongues of fire

Tongues of fire
Tongues of fire 2

The happiness I felt when I discovered this colorful world within this tiny Lantern flower (just the size of half a palm), is simply beyond description!

Taken with an iPhone + Olloclip macro lens, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Macro in low light

Orchid shot in extremely low light

Orchid shot in extremely low light

Orchid shot in extremely low light

I am beginning to explore the possibility of shooting in extremely low light conditions! The mood and the color can be very different from day shots!

This orchid sits in my dinning room, where NO LIGHTS were on, the only light source is from the kitchen about 6 feet away. I’m impressed that I took the photo HANDHELD (with IS (image stabilizer) of the lens switched on, 1/6 second, wide-open, ISO 3200) and the images are reasonably sharp!

Thanks for the great IS of the amazing canon EF 100mm f2.8L lens, and the wonderful noise control of Canon 5D mark II!