Commission and Enquiry

For commission or enquiry regarding my works or Visual Arts classes, please send your email to:

agneslth {at} gmail dot com


Buying my work online

If you are interested in buying my images online, you may find some of them from my portfolio in Getty Images.

Thanks for visiting my website, please come again!

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. David Chan says:

    Hi, I ran across your website when searching for Pencil 53 Hong Kong on Google. Just curious if you give lessons in drawing and how much? I work in Central and live in Tai Wai, not artistic at all but just got the Pencil.

    Also, can I follow you on the Paper app? What is your name in the Public Stream?

    • Agnes Leung says:

      Hi David,

      Sorry for replying late. At the moment I give drawing classes but not on iPad apps. You may follow my Facebook page to see the most recent works of mine, thank you so much for dropping by, please come again! :)

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