Cheung Chau。2010















The aged







Japanese food


Candy ball



Wooden gun

Cheung Chau is an outlying Island of Hong Kong. It is famous for the well preservation of many Hong Kong and Chinese traditional culture. Although it is a rather small Island, there are many indigenous food stalls (especially seafood and Chinese food), and plenty of little shops selling interesting gifts and clothes. It is also a very good place for hiking and cycling, too.

My family like to spend a few days or just an afternoon there, it’s simply a relaxing and enjoying place to stroll around. However, we noticed that it is getting more and more crowded in Sundays and public holidays recent years, so it’s better to go there on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

P.S. This is the first album I post here with photos taken with my new lens – Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L. This lens is simply MARVELOUS! It is so sharp and the color really pops! Can you believe that nearly all the above photos are shot wide open and without any PS adjustment? I brought it because I love the 35mm range for an all walk around lens (I also love my 50mm f1.4, yet it is sometimes a little bit tight for a walk around lens, and not as sharp wide-open), and it fit perfectly with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II , to create the extra shallow DOF whenever I needed, and also the dreamy, creamy bokeh!

6 thoughts on “Cheung Chau。2010

  1. C.D. Liedtke says:

    I Love your photos! I will have to visit Cheung Chau if I make it to Hong Kong. I think you just convinced me to get the lens. I shoot the smaller chip Rebel and I think the 50mm will be tight, this lens should work great. Thanks, and keep posting shots of Cheung Chau!

    • Agnes Leung says:

      Hi C.D. Liedtke,

      Thanks for your encouragement! Yes, surely Cheung Chau is an interesting place to visit! ; )! Yes, 35L f.14 is surely a gem in the line of canon lenses, and surely it will work wonderful in any camera!

  2. Audun says:

    Really nice photos.
    I love the way you use the DOF to create that lovely atmosphere, beautiful :-)
    I’m thinking about purchasing a 35/1.4 myself, and these pictures was really inspiring.
    May I ask you what aperture you have used on the photos above? Looks like many of them are shot using f 1.4, but it would be interesting to know :-)

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